I'm Dustin Vannatter,
a web and mobile developer.

Hey there and welcome to my portfolio. I'm a software developer focusing on web and mobile technology. I've been building things for the web since 1996 and have worked for some great people and companies along the way. Here's what I've been up to recently.

Recent Projects


I was the lead developer on implementing this gastro practice within Craft CMS. Again, I developed several custom plugins to meet the needs of the customer.


We launched this site using Craft CMS. I was the main developer on the project working in tandem with our local designer. The site uses multiple custom plugins developed for use within Craft.

Arcon Electrical

We launched this at EYEMG just recently. The site is a responsive WordPress theme created using the Genesis Framework. Also utilizes Bootstrap and jQuery throughout different modules / plugins.

Kapow! Comics

My pet project for comic tracking and new release indexing. Large amount of constantly growing data (40 million+ rows in MySQL) being pulled from many different sources. Utilizing CakePHP for our framework, Bootstrap and jQuery. PhoneGap cross-platform mobile application in development now for iOS / Android.

Coupon Cactus

I do most of the middleware / API / database work on this site as an ongoing maintenance and development agreement. A new responsive site coming as soon as we get approval on a design. Lots of mashed up technologies here, mostly Zend PHP framework, jQuery, custom CDN using memcached, sphinx search indexing, and more.

Nicos Chimi

Simplistic brochureware website I did for a friend using WordPress and Bones. Simple, clean, easy to maintain for the client.


A childhood cancer survivor support tool that tracks after effects and symptoms caused by treatment and how to handle them and discuss them with kids. Website uses CakePHP as the framework, Bootstrap and jQuery. The mobile application uses PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile and a custom node.js hook to load data.

Citrus Communications

A simple business presence website I did for a small client. Simple WordPress website using Bootstrap, jQuery and a few custom plugins.

Reddaway Careers Portal / USF Careers Portals

A responsive portal that is created by a custom CakePHP output generator I created to create SEO-friendly flat HTML files that can be shared and indexed how the client requested. As new content is added or old content is changed, the portals are regenerated based on event triggers within a node.js monitor. Built using CakePHP, handlebars, LESS, Bootstrap and jQuery. The other brand portals are New Penn and Holland


A crypto-currency that I launched with a few friends. Much like BitCoin or LiteCoin, CorgiCoin can be 'mined' using computer hardware. I created the client software (in C++ and QT) as well as the website and server daemon. The website utilizes an extremely simple responsive design in CakePHP with Bootstrap and jQuery.

Audio-Technica SIRC Portal

An extranet portal I did for Audio Technica while working for EYEMG that uses a responsive template based on Bootstrap within a custom Perl templating engine. Also utilized extensive jQuery interactivity.

Kohl's KidsFit

A simple front-end built with custom Perl templating and Foundation framework. Backend is a custom CakePHP administration portal built to be responsive using Bootstrap and jQuery.

University of Akron SuccessfulU

Cross-platform application I built while with EYEMG for the University of Akron. Utilizes PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, SQLite, extensive jQuery and some simple node.js/backbone.js interactivity to bulk load data as needed. In addition, some custom plugins were developed for iOS and Android using native code to hook into functionality requested by the client.

About Me

I'm a self-taught software engineer who originally wanted to be a graphic designer. I've worked as a developer, designer, project manager and development director. I've created software in everything from Microsoft .NET to Perl to COBOL. I love to create things people love to use.

I'm passionate about open-source development projects, a fanatic for PHP and an advocate for mobile-focused development.

I'm a dad of five terrific kids, a corgi and hedgehog owner, an avid gamer and a voracious comic book collector.

I'd love to see how I could help you or your business.

My Resume

This is a HTML representation of my current resume - also available for download as a PDF. References are available for almost all of these positions on request.

VANNATTER VENTURES LLC.     Founder - Akron, Ohio 6/1995 – Current

My umbrella company for all freelance projects I have handled over the years. Spans a large range of industries, applications and technologies.

Tools: PHP (7,5,4), CakePHP, Laravel, CraftCMS, Stripe, Twitter Bootstrap, Twig/Mustache/Handlebars, vTiger CRM, PHPStorm/Coda/Eclipse, Aptana, CodeIgniter, LESS/SASS, Perl, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SVN / Git / Mercurial, Amazon Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flex, Python, AJAX, SOAP, LAMP/LEMP, Basecamp, Agile (Rally/AgileZen/Trello), OpenBSD/CentOS Sys-admin

LUNAR COW DESIGN     Director of Software Development - Akron, Ohio 4/2014 – 9/2016

Responsible leading software development within digital services agency. Worked with developers and management to create solutions to bridge print and digital infrastructures as well as leading mobile application and responsive web development projects.

Tools: PHP5/PHP7, Laravel, CakePHP, Twitter Bootstrap, PhoneGap, iOS, Android, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, CSS, LESS, Git, Composer, Backbone.js

EYEMG LLC.     Senior Application Developer - Akron, Ohio 4/2012 – 4/2014

Responsible for project development using many different technologies depending on client requirements. Development focus mainly on mobile / responsive website development and iOS/Android application development (both native and PhoneGap-based).

Tools: PHP5, CakePHP, Twitter Bootstrap, Bones WP, Backbone.js, Mustache/Handlebars, PhoneGap, iOS, Android, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, MySQL, CSS, LESS, HTML5, Subversion / Git / Mercurial, Photoshop, AJAX, LAMP

COUPON CACTUS LLC.     Director of Development - Telecommute 4/2010 – 11/2011

Responsible for lead development of website and infrastructure tools as well as directing team of developers in day to day operations and project roadmapping.

Tools: PHP5, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Ruby, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Subversion / Git / Mercurial, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sphinx Search Engine, AJAX, LAMP, Basecamp, Janrain, OpenBSD/CentOS System Administration

AMERICA'S ARMY     Lead Web Developer - Telecommute 4/2009 – 1/2010

Responsible for creation and maintenance of America's Army website and intranet sites. Included in the project was a relaunch of the main consumer site as well as over 4 different internal sites used by Army recruiters and community managers.

Tools: PHP5, CakePHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Subversion, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash, Python, AJAX, LAMP, Basecamp, Highrise, OpenBSD/CentOS System Administration

GTP TRAVEL GROUP LLC.     Technical Architect - Twinsburg, Ohio 6/2008 – 4/2009

Responsible for systems design and architecture including intranet, internet and extranet implementations. Working within an Agile development methodology, I was responsible for designing and streamlining system functions which were critical to business success while detailing and designing new object-oriented frameworks for future development.

Tools: PHP5, LAMP, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery, Agile (Rally), CakePHP, Subversion, Basecamp, Photoshop, OpenBSD/CentOS System Administration

FIRST MERIT BANK     Senior Analyst - Akron, Ohio 5/2007 – 5/2008

Responsible for development and deployment of .NET solution within banking infrastructure. Worked in a corporate team environment to develop tools to improve product up-time and reliability, and increase adoption of new online systems.

Tools: ASP.NET, C#, MSSQL 2005, Visual Studio 2005, PHP5, AJAX, VB.NET, SQL 2000, XML, CSS, dHTML, JavaScript, Project 2000, VSS, Office Suite

FIRST COMMUNICATIONS     Senior Lead Developer - Akron, Ohio 12/2002 – 4/2007

Responsible for organizing a team of developers and executing the implementation of a corporate-wide intranet and extranet project for our wireless, broadband, and local phone service products. Also responsible for implementing CRM solution. Directly responsible for all .NET and tier development for interacting with billing and AS/400 systems and databases.

Tools: ASP, ASP.NET, VBScript, Visual Studio.NET, C#, PHP4/5, MySQL, VB.NET, SQL 2000, XML, CSS, dHTML, JavaScript, and project management software

PLANSOFT INC.     Lead Developer - Twinsburg, Ohio 9/1999 – 10/2002

Responsible for development and support of multiple intranet applications involving the meeting and planning industry. Included development of both middleware and front-end solutions within a team environment.

Tools: ASP, PHP, VB, COM, XML, XSL, SQL, HTML, dHTML, CSS, JavaScript

EXPERIAN INC.     Application Developer - Lombard, Illinois 3/1998 – 8/1999

Responsible for developing intranet workflow software that interfaced ASP to COM to mainframe. Other projects included using VB to manage internal direct marketing list orders and quality assurance of list quality.

Tools: ASP, SQL, HTML, VB, dHTML, C++, CSS, JavaScript, JCL, COM

LYNK MEDIA INC.     Web Developer - Akron, Ohio 1/1996 – 3/1998

Web application developer and webmaster. Duties included website layout and design, SQL database administration, application management and development leader.

Tools: ASP, HTML, Cold Fusion, SQL, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Illustrator

Contact Me

Want to talk? You can always email me or call me directly at 330-671-7274.

You also can find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bitbucket, Github and Instagram.